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What a great drive, it took most of the day, but was time well spent. We headed out from the Lost Dutchman State Park to begin the 125 loop through some of the most interesting backcountry that we have yet to see in Arizona. The drives’ first stop is Canyon Lake, , and the near by Tortilla Flat restaurant, gift shop and tourist attraction. A prime attraction at the Canyon Lake Marina is the Steamboat Cruise on the lake A word of caution about the road from Lost Dutchman State Park to Roosevelt Dam, approximately 25 miles. The first few miles are rough asphalt with repairs and construction activity (December, 2017), after the construction area the next 20+ miles are on a generally two-lane washboard mountain road, we drove it in our F-350 dually tow vehicle and did see a number of travelers in passenger cars. The road is twisty and hilly.

 Canyon Lake

Mormon Flats Dam

Canyon Lake / Tortilla Flat

Canyon Lake Steamboat Cruise

Canyon Lake Marina (commercial)

Next stop, Apache Lake.  The lake is about 16 miles from Tortilla Flat (above) and is a very popular recreational area in the Tonto National Forest.

Apache Lake

Horse Mesa Dam

Tonto National Forest

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